Promotion / Public relations

You’re releasing a new album, throwing an event, having a premiere exhibition but you don’t know how to draw attention on it? Here’s where Yulquen Communication can help you. Spotlighting creations and interacting with professional from the field you need. Specialized on Swiss media, Yulquen is also up to do international PR campaigns, tailoring every client’s ambition at its best.

Consulting / Artistic strategy

This service is only targeting musicians. If you are one and you’re hesitating on how you should prepare a musical release, with whom to deal things or when do what and what to do when, Yulquen Communication is here to provide you answers and support. This includes (non-exhaustive list): finding partners, deadlines calendar, editing promo text, administration tasks, visual strategy, etc.

Project management

Coordination of project, helping the one who’s got great ideas to develop and realize them, taking into account every steps that matter. For example: you want to shoot a movie/videoclip but managing every people involved takes way too much of your precious time… No problem, here we are! Yulquen Communication will manage all kind of situation to let your projects go blossom!